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We are a dedicated team of former journalists and public policy junkies. We leverage our expertise, influence and instincts to radically change the way you tell your story to the world. Here’s how:

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Erin Gilhuly

President & Founder

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An Emmy award winning journalist with more than 20 years in the communications industry, Erin develops and delivers a comprehensive communications strategy for each client by combining media definition, audience identification, targeted positioning and focused execution. The CV Strategies model includes a balanced methodology of conventional public relations, community relations and image adjustment, government relations and a sophisticated blend of whisper, conventional and guerilla tactics. Erin’s goal is to build and implement tactical messaging and perception strategies.


Alex Altman

Senior Vice President

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Alex Altman is a recovering New York City journalist who now helps public sector clients overcome communications challenges through strategic planning, comprehensive campaign development, and powerful written content. Over the course of a ten-year  writing career, his work appeared in numerous national publications, from New York Magazine and ESPN The Magazine to TIME and WaterWorld. Alex is the former editor of a weekly business and public policy journal in Southern California and the author of two nonfiction books for Random House. Prior to his move to California, he also spent time as a writer for DoubleClick, at that time the world’s largest internet advertising firm, before it was acquired by Google in 2007. He is an alumnus of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and Columbia University in New York City.


Cara Van Dijk

Vice President

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Cara has worked in media for more than 20 years, doing everything from reporting, producing, editing and commercial production. Her “insider” perspective of how the media operates makes her an expert in media relations. Cara knows what types of stories people in television, radio and newspaper are looking for, because she has worked for all three. She also knows how to manage media “crisis” situations because she has been on both sides. As the media landscape evolves, Cara stays in touch with the trends to enhance clients messaging through new media including web videos and social networking.


Tara Bravo

Art Director

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Tara brings more than a decade of industry experience to her role overseeing the creative output of the CV Strategies design team. She has designed for dozens of public agencies, nonprofits and corporations, generating materials ranging from strategic plan documents to advertisements to interactive web materials. In close collaboration with clients and CV Strategies branding specialists, Tara has completed total rebrand efforts of numerous public sector agencies. She also plays a critical role in the management of all web development projects undertaken by the firm. Her expertise with a wide range of visual messaging tools and outreach campaigns, coupled with her existing vendor relationships and skills as a client liaison, are critical to CV Strategies’ provision of timely and targeted deliverables.


Nick Janes

Director of Client Services

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A former Sacramento news reporter, Nick brings an unmatched background in media relations and story coverage. His acute sense of narrative style is adaptable to multiple industries, and his high level of professionalism is reflected in his media work. He is both an expert storyteller and message maker, giving clients an edge in communication development. Nick chiefly maintains client relations in Northern California, expanding CV Strategies scope statewide.


Beatrice Eslamboly

Account Manager

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A California attorney with a broad level of experience in public, government and non-profit relations, Beatrice has exceptional mediation skills that are often put to use when working on collaboration projects. Her skills in messaging and positioning of complex issues, initiatives and projects are an essential part of the CV Strategies team. Her wide-ranging expertise has helped cultivate the strategic and nuanced perspective that is critical in the development and implementation of effective communications planning. She handles collaboration between numerous internal and external stakeholder groups on a daily basis, ensuring an optimal and constructive connection.

Janet Zimmerman

Account Manager

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With three decades of newspaper reporting experience in Southern California, including extensive water industry and environmental coverage, Janet brings strong storytelling and editing skills to the table. She has a knack for interpreting complicated, scientific information and making it understandable and relevant. Along with her extensive media connections, Janet is adept at building relationships, delivering information on multiple platforms, and creating compelling narrative that engages, empowers and influences diverse audiences.


Rachel Brady

Account Associate

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Rachel brings a solid background in community outreach efforts, an ability to appeal to an array of customer bases, and an insight into the demands of both public and private agencies. Her proficiency has steadily developed through the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce, the City of Temecula and the Temecula Valley Visitors Bureau. Working with both small business owners and city government allows Rachel to customize strategic communications plans based on the client’s outreach. Through city-based experience, Rachel’s abilities transfer seamlessly into assisting CV Strategies clients in a versatile manner.


Lynn Oliva

Graphic Designer

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With a high caliber of know-how in the graphic design industry, Lynn Olivia combines professionalism and creativity in order to tap into her clients’ visions. A graduate of the Art Institute of California, Lynn has developed a wide array of expertise in various programs that make her a competitive asset for CV Strategies. Lynn is proficient in multiple programs including but not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. She understands the aesthetic value and care that must be put into web design in order to maximize business and customer satisfaction. With attention to both detail and deadlines, Lynn’s expertise flourishes in a communications environment.


Harrison McGuire

Web Developer

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A coding specialist with strong design instincts and aesthetic sense, Harrison’s deep technical background in HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Flash and JQuery/AJAX, among a wide range of technical platforms and languages, ensures that the right tool for the job is always at hand. He handles web design, database integration and construction, complex coding as well as quality assurance functions.


Drew Metzger


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Drew has been shooting for CV Strategies since 2012. His subjects range from 10-million gallon reservoirs and fields of solar panels to board meetings and community events. Regardless of the scope of the subject matter, Drew’s artistic eye and skill with postproduction give clients vivid and varied images that can be leveraged across platforms, telling their stories in a visual and compelling way. Working closely with staff, his intuitive, proactive style enables him to capture the unique spirit and characteristics of organizations in efficient, cost-effective visits and tours.


Donnel Holyk


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Donnel supervises the administrative business operations of CV Strategies. She oversees client billing, supervises accounting practices, and serves as a liaison with external stakeholders. Donnel manages and monitors internal performance with precision to keep CV Strategies a smoothly running and dependable firm.


Gabriela Mendoza

Translator & Admin Support

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Gabby provides bilingual translation services and key administrative support to CV Strategies staff, enabling effective and seamless client service. She monitors all media — print and television — for all clients daily, while assisting with billing, record keeping and other tasks. As a Spanish language translator, she provides rapid and accurate translations of notices, advertisements, collateral materials and all other forms of communication, while connecting with Spanish speakers with her friendly and engaging demeanor.